Friday, August 10, 2012

What Is Spirituality?

There are hordes of books written on spirituality, reincarnation, honing your own psychic ability, near-death experiences and the like. There are many people who call themselves psychics and profess to be able to foretell the future. You may also feel bombarded with the media touting psychic hotlines as “the answer” to your issues. 

In other words – spirituality and claims to having psychic powers are hot commodities today. In fact, the same person who would have been hung in 1692 at the Salem Witch Trials is now in great demand. The world is ever changing. As humanity crawls towards living on a more enlightened plain, the collective consciousness opens your mind to the acceptance of ideas previously foreign to the masses. 

As with many popular ideas, everyone wants to jump on the bandwagon and make a windfall! This is where your own sense of discernment must come into play.

Discernment is the ability to detect with your eyes or other senses what is true and what is false. When you have honed your sense of discernment, according to Webster, you are said to possess the quality of being able to grasp and comprehend what is obscure.

Although there are many talented individuals who possess a keen sense of this world and the next, not all those who call themselves psychics are trustworthy. 

The real truth is that we all possess psychic abilities.

Just imagine what YOU could perceive or “see” if you simply tuned into your own innate power. 

The main problem for most people is that they don’t trust themselves. In retrospect, how many times have you said to yourself, “I knew there was something wrong.” or “This just doesn’t feel right.” That is your intuition trying to warn you of impending disaster. 

But what do most people do? They brush it off as a little annoying voice inside their head and plow right through only to find themselves in another mess. 

Next, they might look for outside advice on which way to turn. If, for example, a psychic is visited, chances are nothing new will be learned. Basically, all that is received is outside confirmation of what your mind, body and soul already knows. 

So why don’t you trust yourself to take the necessary action to extricate yourself from the problems you might be facing? It is probably because, as with any skill, it has not been taught to you. Furthermore, in your busy world, you might feel that you can’t afford to take a few minutes for yourself in order to examine your inner thoughts, or you may feel guilty for taking “me-time.” 

Moreover, in general, humans tend to overcomplicate issues. People think if the solution to a problem is simple, it can’t possibly be right. That is not true. God, or whatever you call him/her/it, wants to KISS you or, in other words, remind you to KEEP IT SUPER SIMPLE. 

Don’t mess up His plan and look for ideas to clutter up the truth. Life, and all you want from it, is there for the taking. You may just be afraid to grab it because, either, you don’t believe in what is possible or you don’t think you are deserving of a good life. 

You need to release that idea from your consciousness in a hurry. Satisfying answers to questions such as, “Why am I here, and what is my purpose?” or “Why is my life so hard?” can only be found within you, not with psychics or gurus or in the confines of standardized religion. 

Keep in mind the wise words of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz, who, upon her return to Kansas, said, “I will never look for happiness further than my own backyard!” Similarly, you must look inward to learn the truth about yourself and your purpose. 

In a nutshell, spirituality is simply the awakening of the spirit found in all of us. 

The first two steps to take in order to find your own spirit is to (1) develop a sense of self-love and (2) accept your own human frailty.

In addition, always remember that when you’re indecisive about life decisions, learn to recognize your gut emotions toward the issue. As you practice this action and learn to really listen to yourself, you will discover that your own intuition is your greatest guide. There’s no need to make an appointment with a psychic; your answers are readily available to you every moment of every day! 

When you learn to be true to yourself, this action will naturally lead to embracing an authentic and true life in your dealings with others, too. It will also clear away the clutter in your life and allow you to hone the vision of your life with 20/20 eyesight. 

You might be aware of the acronym K.I.S.S., which has numerous words applied to it. Personally, I like to refer to the K.I.S.S. Principle as Keeping It Super Simple.

If you can keep it super simple in all the areas of your life, it can open up the needed space for you to create and manifest your best life. 

In my book, K.I.S.S. Principles on Spirituality: 30 Ways To Find Clarity by Keeping It Super Simple, I address topics that include diversity, duality, intuition, balance, fate vs. free will, faith, success and more. By following the super simple suggestions provided, you can clear away the clutter that may be hampering you from manifesting the life you want.

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